Sunday, November 3, 2019

NC BikeWalk Summit

I will be telling stories at the NC BikeWalk Summit on Saturday, November 9th in session 4 from 10-11am. I hope to inspire change.

As background on economic mobility, I plan to tell them that roughly 40% of Americans would struggle covering a $400 emergency expense like a broken down car (FRB).  Last week 3 different passengers asked route questions and sheepishly admitted they were new riders because of recent car trouble.  They represent the latent demand that I see in the ride per hour ratio.

I will explain why people run in an effort to catch the bus so they can "step up" in life even risking it at dangerous intersections.

I will advocate for counting every bus ride as a call for more safety infrastructure for pedestrians.


  1. This is great. Shame that conference is $100 to attend, but I'm happy you'll be there advocating.

    It was nice talking to you this morning, and I'm excited to learn that you are doing this work!

    Here's an article about the NYC subway protests I mentioned. One of the reasons it started was the police *tackled* this kid, who they claimed they thought he had a weapon, but he was unarmed + just charged with fare evasion...