Monday, November 11, 2019

Operator Survey

Alfredo and I conducted a survey of fixed-route bus drivers for their suggestions regarding routes and schedules.   Below are the tables of our findings. 

Table 1. WSTA Driver Schedule Survey N =79Total%
A ten-hour shift 4 days a week starting in the morning5772.2%
A ten-hour shift 4 days a week starting in the evening3038.0%
An early morning 8-hour straight shift 5 days a week2227.8%
A Late 8-hour straight shift 5 days a week1620.3%
Split shifts 5 days a week56.3%
Night runs with weekends off1822.8%
Provide a suggestion of a schedule810.1%

Table 2. Route Suggestions
89More time on the route
93Route needs to be cut short
93Service Castle Heights or 331 and North Hampton Dr; Change time points on the outbound trip
95Cut out Strattford and Knollwood
99More time on the route
103Move final time point back so you can get to TC earlier
104Changing inbound time points for a bathroom break at the TC on Route 104. The new time points could be [5. Old Lexington 6:05] [6. Waughtown and Vargrave 6:10] [7. Waughtown and South Main 6:15 [1.TC 6:20].
104Adjust so you can get a bathroom break
105More time on the route
105Not go up Argonne

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