Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Mathematics and Social Justice

It get to speak to Dr. Abbey Bourdon's Wake Forest University class Mathematics and Social Justice. I will talk about the mathematics used in the local struggle for social justice in public transportation. I look forward to interacting with her students.   

In advance of the class they are to watch Bus Stop Jobs. There are plenty of updates since we made it in 2018. Britany is now married and driving.  Mika is training new bus drivers.  Our family has deeper connections with Mika since I got to drive with her at WSTA. This picture was taken yesterday and you can see the love!

For class I hope to cover the math in Route Ride Per Hour Ratio and the WSTA Prominent Transit Corridors Report

If time permits I hope to discuss A Step Up and Who is Driving?.  

I will make them aware of public data available at incase they get inspired to analyze a transit system.  

Friday, March 3, 2023


I have been spending a lot of time, energy and love on bikes.  I first felt the Lord's love and transcending Grace on a bike.   They are indeed the noblest invention...I recently got an eBike which makes me even more excited about their potential as vehicles.  

Teaching people to ride and helping them access bicycles is a worthy cause.  I think this news article captures that.  Certainly it reflects Scott Sexton's love of bikes