Wednesday, January 22, 2020

FaithHealth Recording

I presented to FaithHealth today and was grateful to tell stories from the bus. 

You can hear the recording and view the slides.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

FaithHealth Slides

Tomorrow is the big day. 

I hope you can join me to hear stories from my year of driving a city bus. I learned a lot about the social determinants of health. 

Come to the 10th Floor of the Wake Forest Baptist Health Comphrenshive Cancer Center at 9am to hear the presentation for FaithHealth

I have the slides ready to go!   

Bed Bugs

Even the thought of bed bugs makes my skin crawl.   They are a mysterious cause for concern.

But as I read more about them I feel even more sad about the stigma that I have witnessed.  The stigma that is based on irrational fear about how they are spread and the assumed failure of anyone who has been exposed. It is breaking my heart. 

A colleague who is a brilliant doctor and medical director for infection prevention and health system epidemiology sent me an email that taught me a lot. Below are the materials he recommended that I read.

  1. A detailed plan of how to deal with bed bugs with a lot of great tips (including protection of staff)
  2. Very nice intro into the bed bug problem with great tips
I am working as the night monitor at the overflow homeless shelter and we follow these guidelines.  

While I was a bus driver the hysteria of concern about possible bed bug infestation would come up with drivers. I am realizing that our ignorance about the issue is a potential barrier to compassion.  Public servants from volunteers in shelters to bus drivers need more education about bed bugs so they don't perpetuate the stigma.  

Greater understanding of bed bugs enables us to be compassionate, not frightened. 

Thursday, January 2, 2020

FaithHealth Divisional Rounds

I am excited to be lecturing at the FaithHealth Divisional Rounds on Wednesday, January 22 at 9 A.M.  I will share stories and insights about the public health importance of public transportation in the Wake Forest Baptist Health Comprehensive Cancer Center Conference Room 10B.  You are welcome to come.

FaithHealth Divisional Rounds offer an opportunity to highlight the complex and relevant work of FaithHealth in Forsyth County (and surrounding) communities. Focus is given to the hands-on work of those inside and outside the walls of the hospital, connecting our most vulnerable persons to resources that improve health and wholeness.  These resources include a wide network of faith communities, local agencies, and clinical partners.

Please join us on Wednesday, January 22 at 9AM in the Cancer Center Conference Room 10B, all who are interested in the topic are welcome.