Wednesday, April 3, 2019


Thank you to the Safety Department and all the Bus Drivers who have taught me in the class room and on the road.  I graduated to driving on my own and I am so very grateful for your instruction.

The last two weeks have been a road trip though Winston-Salem as I shadowed and learned from senior drivers.    I was impressed by their driving skills, rapport with passengers and intimate knowledge of their routes. 

The cadet process started and ended on a high note because the routes were in my own community within our city.  My first day was with a quiet leader whose generosity and composure I look forward to emulating.   The process ended with a supportive colleague whose encouragement made the final driving test less onerous.

The routes during the past two weeks took me to new places within the city that I got to experience behind the wheel while hearing the perspectives of the person who normally drove the route.   On tight runs with heavy traffic I was amazed how the driver knew the time points and the logistics like clock work.  On countless routes I heard drivers predict who would be waiting at the stop around the corner based on the riders' routines.

I learned from drivers, some of who have more than 30 years of driving for with the company.  I drove with drivers from right here in Winston-Salem as well as from other countries like El Salvador, Ghana, and Ethiopia.   We fellowshipped together and found common ground on the highways and byways of our community.

I got good advice like "Take your time," and if a passenger is rude, "Don't take it personal."   My favorite piece of advice was: "The number 1 survival skill is bring plenty of lunch."   As a runner with a high metabolism the last thing I need is to get "hangry" on the bus.  I have not witnessed much healthy snacking and I catch a few jokes about my eating carrots.  Interacting with so many new people has really been eye opening.

I have learned about half fare passes, bus transfers, and run boards.  I have loaded wheel chairs and knelt the bus all under the watchful eye of a seasoned driver.   I have learn so much as a cadet, about myself and the logistics of driving a bus, that it is hard to put into words.

My heart is full! Thank you for coming along.

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