Saturday, March 30, 2019

Ride Along

“It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood….won’t you ride along with me?” sings Daniel Tiger, on the cartoon based on Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.

We gathered our supplies: library books and water bottles and change for paying the bus fare (shortest kids are free) and waited at the bus station downtown. The bus station is the main artery downtown and so much life is happening! There was anxiety that we had missed him, or would we get back in time for our next activity? Finally, Phillip drove up a few minutes late on bus #88.

This would be a one-hour excursion going out to the Industries for the Blind off of University Parkway, where many visually impaired people would be getting off work. Riding the bus is a wonderful experience to learn about our community.

In this photo, you’ll see Phillip’s concentrating face in the rearview mirror. To his right is his trainer, as he is still a cadet. She double checks to ensure safety for him in these early days of driving.

Knowing his insecurities about this job, I felt proud when he successfully turned a tight corner or patiently waited for the cars that zoomed around him when he needed to change lanes to get ready to turn. Phillip had wanted to chat and visit with the kids, but this turned out to be a busy route at the time slot we chose to ride, so we just sat quietly in the back. This gave us the opportunity to just ride along and pray for him and try to feel his feels.

We are becoming more united as we try different ways to support Phillip in his new endeavor, seeing first-hand how exhausting it is to maintain concentration driving a bus. Unsolicited, the boys spent a good deal of time yesterday making a new Lego creation together: the blue and white bus, you see in the photo below!

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