Tuesday, March 26, 2019


After 4 days of driving as a cadet, I would like to recount how full my heart is.  Full of stories of human kindness and learning.  Full of learning from noble bus drivers with years of experience, who look forward to seeing their passengers.  I want to write about the thrill of safely making tight turns and the sense of accomplishment of completing a 9-hour straight shift.

But I am exhausted.   I am so very tired that all I really want to do is sleep.

Check my route calendar to see how early my days have begun.

Also, check it for a chance to COME RIDE.  You will be glad you did. And I will be more than glad to see you, a familiar face!

Editor's NOTE: if you read an earlier version of this he had been too tired to get me, his editor, to look for typos.  He should always ask me first before publishing.

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