Monday, April 8, 2019


Life is precious.   Driving the bus has given me new eyes to see how precious it is.  In the act of kneeling the bus for an elderly rider or counting a baby in the arms of her mother as a passenger, I get to see it.  Bus drivers are afforded a chance to know their passengers and are part of community building.

We made the short documentary film, "Bus Stop Jobs" to depict a day in the life of a passenger.  After the premiere of the film, the director said she loved how it shows how women find ways to support each other. I have shown the film many times to audiences such as policymakers and students.  In my repeated viewings I came to realize how much I admire both of its "sheroes." 

The film is a powerful 10 minute short that will inspire you.  You can imagine my joy the other day when I got to drive one of the stars.

WATCH Bus Stop Jobs on YouTube and COME RIDE with us!

SAFETY NOTE: Selfie taken while bus was secured

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