Thursday, March 5, 2020

Public Works Committee Wants Your Input

Come give input on the importance of bus frequency at the public works committee meeting on Tuesday, March 17th at 6pm at City Hall.

City Council member, Dan Besse invited transit advocates to attend the public works committee to provide input.  You can watch the video of his invitation in the story "Making News."

99% Invisible's podcast "Missing the Bus," has a brilliant explanation on why bus frequency is so important.  It is an interview with, Steve Higashide a transit expert, bus champion, and author of a new book called Better Buses Better Cities.

Take a look at WSTA's ride per hour of service ratio to see which routes are transporting the most people.  I believe there is a lot of latent demand on routes 92 and 96. Improved frequency on those routes would generate more rides and many corollary benefits for our community.

Come out to the public works committee meeting on Tuesday the 17th to weigh in on making our city better via improved bus frequency.

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