Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Making News

I pray that the newspaper article, "Scientist turned bus driver advocates for Winston-Salem passengers" helps improve public transportation locally.  I am grateful Scott Sexton wrote the story and I appreciate his skill as a writer.

On Monday, we went to City Hall to speak up for improved bus service.  You can see the video of our comments online.  If you want to skip to the comments, below are the list of time points:

  • Minute 54 - Phillip opens with a challenge to the council to consider how privatization keeps the system at an arm's length. 
  • Minute 60 - Luke shares a brilliant summary of the CSEM Rider Study
  • Minute 68 - Brian shares a passionate personal testimony and plea for the city to do better 
  • Minute 70 - Ray closes with a call to improve bus service as we aspire to be a city
  • Minute 77 - City Council Member Dan Besse thanks us for showing support and gives rebuttal. 
Please follow Council Member Besse's invitation to come to the Public Works Committee meeting on March 17 at 6pm to comment on proposed service changes.

Editors note on 3/4/20 Public Works committee was changed from 3/10 to 3/17.  

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