Tuesday, January 15, 2019

His eye is on the sparrow

And I know he watches me.  If you don't know this beautiful song then listen to Abigail Washburn sing it. 

Doing community engagement allows you to meet folks and hear stories that give hope in the face of hardship.  Keena's story has the grit that makes her voice as a community health educator grounded in experience. This picture of her reminds us that doing health disparity work is being part of His redemptive work.

That gives me hope as I hit setbacks like not passing my initial CDL permit test.   No one likes to fail, but how we respond to failure is what marks our life. 


  1. You will succeed! Actually, you already have. Challenges are good for humbling the ego. ;-)

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  3. Lynn, thanks for your comment. Check out the latest post on finally passing the CDL. I appreciate the compassion you demonstrate.