Monday, January 7, 2019

Brave and Crazy

As I have talked about changing jobs from an academic office to a bus driver, folks have had mixed reactions.  Both reactions such as, "Are you crazy?" and "You are brave."  I am accustomed to being called both, but this time it is different.

"Brave" is now laden with uncertainty about being able to safely drive such a large vehicle.  I am full of questions: Will I be safe from violence? Will I keep my passengers safe? Will other vehicles be safe? Will pedestrians be free from harm?  It feels like a big responsibility, and it's largely out of my control to determine.  I am looking forward to experiencing my role as a safe bus driver.

"Crazy" now carries the weight of being foolhardy to think that my individual efforts can change systems of inequity that have deep roots.  It is full of accusations: will anyone notice? are you doing this out of boredom? Do you really think this will make a difference? I cannot know the impact of my actions, but I look forward to witnessing what takes place.

I am also being encouraged far more than I had imagined.  Other folks are saying, "You will learn so much," and "You are made for just that job," and "I am excited for you!"  Turns out that crazy has its good side and brave has its scary side. I can't wait to see what lies around the next corner.

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  1. I trust you, this change/mission, and the wellbeing of all involved to our Lord. You are not moving into this role alone, unprotected, or ignored. We can never know all of the ways and whys of our particular walk Home. He is sovereign. He is Good. He is faithful. He's got you and your household in His infinitely capable hands! Hooray for the crazy bravery that He allows us to enjoy and experience!!