Saturday, February 23, 2019


In the slow and often frustrating fourth week of training, I caught a  glimpse of the transformative power of public transportation.   I had high hopes of getting behind the wheel.   What I witnessed will prove to be more valuable.

It happened on Wednesday, February 20th, which coincidentally was my 40th birthday.  That morning class didn't happen due to the extenuating circumstance of an instructor having the Flu.  In the afternoon we were told to ride bus routes to become familiar with the turns and stops.   It was a nice day but I had no idea that the miraculous power of transit would be visible.

First, we rode Bus 84 out to Hanes Mall with important stops at two of Forsyth Tech campuses.   We gave several folks rides, but nothing too noteworthy happened- maybe it was just the time of day.

Then we rode Bus 88 north to the Industries for the Blind.   It was my first trip to the apartments nestled between North Point and Reynolda.   For the first time, I saw 3 visually impaired people board a bus and safely ride to work.   It felt as if bus drivers were giving sight to the blind.  I later learned that the bus takes over 100 people a day to work there.   

Then, at the end of the day, we were told to ride Bus 86.  I thought, "I commute on 86 all the time so what I am going to learn?"  But, I have never ridden 86 to the end of the line at quitting time for when the Second Harvest Food Bank's Triad Community Kitchen (TCK) students are getting out of class.  I was thrilled to see 15 people board the bus at the stop, many of whom were TCK students.  I have several friends whose lives have been changed by Chef Bacon's ministry.

Riding those 3 bus routes might have been the best birthday present I received.  It afforded me a glimpse of the importance of connecting community assets via public transportation.


  1. Love this vision and passion, Phillip! Thank you for sharing your insights! -Erin Pfeiffer